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The aim of Win Win Partnering is to assist small businesses wanting to grow but not sure how and needing help along that journey. Typically I see businesses scared of taking the big steps to growth, nervous to do it on their own and lacking the regular support of a business partner going through the challenges with them.

This is been building for the past 15 years. The aim when I first launched my own business, was to help others...I made a whopping £1,000 profit in the first year!

I then went on to be involved in launching, or  helping to run, multiple businesses; the biggest turning over £6+ million a year. Some companies run single handed and others with a board of shareholders and fellow directors.

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I am now able to provide a free business coaching service, providing help and guidance from my 15 years experience...and still with the energy of youth!

I've used a business coach in the past, I know there is some benefit to them, but what I kept finding was small businesses unable to afford the cost of a business coach and needing more frequent help, nudges and assistance in taking their business forward....

....and so Win Win Partnering was born!